Scenery of Japan

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We guide you from the airport, including all courses in Kansai area (Western Japan)γ€€in your itinerary. We guide you to show onsen, temples, souvenior shops, boutiques, niche markets, noted places, restaurants etc. We have certified guide of English and Chinese who can help you during your stay. So you feel very relaxed and relieved.γ€€ Fee γ€€ Application form

  In large cities there are many shopping places such as the department store, boutique, jewelry shop, fashion buiding, etc. Travelers can select any commodity from traditional to latest style at the reasonable (sometimes expensive) price. In Japan the consumers must pay the consumption tax of 5 %, but do not need to pay the chip each time they eat, take a taxi, etc.
Kyoto /Nara


Kyoto is very famous for foreigners since it is the origin of Japan and has
long history.. Many Emperors (Kings) have lived in Kyoto since long ago.
There are many temples and sightseeing places. Housing style is quite
different from other houses in Japan.


Nara is an ancient capital city in Nara Prefecture, Kansai region of Japan. Throughout 2010 the city celebrated its 1300th anniversary. Overshadowed by its more famous neighbor Kyoto, Nara is omitted from many a time-pressed tourist's itinerary. However, Nara is home to many important scenic and historical sites, and today preserves its main sights much more attractively than Kyoto within Nara Park and neighborhoods like Naramachi.

Osaka is called "city of merchant", which means that there are many small shops and restaurant. Osaka is famous for the food of okonomiyaki, ramen, tonkatsu and takoyaki.

The large street neighboring Midosuji which goes through from north to south and where there are many old established shops and popular spots like Sony Tower, Parco and department stores like Sogo and Daimaru. There is European Village in the eastern side of Suo-cho in which high-class boutiques are standing in row. On the other hand in the eastern side there is American Village which is popular for young people.
Kita-Shinchi, Nakanoshima

Kita-Shinchi is the area sorrounded by the Root One, Mido-Suji and Dojima-river, and there are many high-class bars and clubs as socialable places. Nakanoshima is the basin between Tosabori River and Dojima-river and te center of politics and culture in Osaka. There are Osaka Municipal Office, Festival Hall, library, art museum and also large park in the south side.

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