Service fees

!(1) Meet and greet airport service-take to a bus stop (station or taxi):

One to five persons --- 45 USD
Six to ten persons --- 75 USD
More than eleven persons -- 120 USD

(2) Send to a hotel or conference place:

Fee mentioned in (1) + transportation fee to the hotel for a conductor + service fee (40 USD)

(3) Short guide in Tokyo or other areas (ex. Asakusa, Shinjuku, Ginza, Ueno, Narita etc.).

We meet at hotel, then take you to the place which you want to visit and take a look at. In Tokyo
there are various fascinating and exotic places which have different atmosphere and feeling.
This guide consists of one day or half day walking.

One to five persons --- 10 USD per hour
Six to ten persons --- 20 USD per hour
More than eleven persons -- 30 USD per hour

(4) Send-off at airport.

We meet at hotel and send-off you at the airport.

Fee mentioned in (1) + transportation fee to the airport for a conductor + service fee (40 USD)

(5) Escorted tours---We guide you from the airport to the airport, including all courses in your itinerary.

One to five persons --- 250 USD per day
Six to ten persons --- 400 USD per day
More than eleven persons -- 500 USD per day

all transportation & accomodation fee for a conductor + all meal fee for a conductor are also added.

*  We provide you with various guide services from the airport to designated places.

*  We meet you at the meeting point in the airport with posting welcome board. Then we help you with money exchange, buying souveniors.

* As for payment of the fee, the client shall pay after arriving at the airport except booking in advance.

* We deal with various cases, so consult with us for further information.

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