Cultural experience
Kimono wearing course

Kimono is Japanese traditional clothes for ladies. They wear Kimono in wedding ceremony, anniversary,
New yearfs days, etc.
In this option foreign ladies who came to Japan can try to wear Kimono at authentic Kimono school.
Instructors teach how to wear Kimono and broad sash for the period of 90 minutes.
Ladies wear Kimono without wearing off their clothes, that is, wearing Kimono over their clothes.
Please try to challenge yourselves to Japanese traditional culture.

Meet at Narita Airport ¨ Go to Hakubi Kyoto Kimono School in Chiba for Kimono wearing course ¨ hotel

Place: Hakubi Kyoto Kimono School, Chiba
Hours of course: 90 minutes
Fee (without tax): The clients should pay the fee by paypal or other ways

For women:
Furisode (traditional Kimono) course --- 74 USD
Yukata (summer wear) --- 40 USD

For men:
Hakama (formal Japanese attire for men)--- 40 USD

The client can also buy Kimono set and Yukata set at the school. @@@@@@Application form