Company profile

Company name:
     Justview Co., Ltd.
     Registered Travel Agency No.3-797
     Approved by the Governor of Chiba Prefecture

Capital: 7,400,000 yen

Representative director: Saneyuki Hori
                   (Hawaii University, MA of economics)
Staff: Finve persons

Business outline:
   1) Travel industry (domestic and foreign) based on the Law of travel
   2) Sale on consignment of various accomodation tickets, railway and
      ship tickets, admission tickets, restaurant tickets, etc
   3) Insurance agency against loss
   4) Music promotor
   5) Business incident to numbers above 

Established: May 20, 2007

Location: Hestia 2-106 Asahigaoka 3-28-25 Hanamigawa-ku
        Chiba-city Japan 262-0019

Mail address:

Tel, Fax: 043-273-1740 Mobile: 080-3405-5700

Further information: E mail

     CEO, Saneyuki Hori