Rabbit Island (Okunoshima)

This is one day course. The fee is 35 USD from Hiroshima.

Okunoshima is a tiny island with a circumference of a mere 4.3 kilometers located just offshore from Tadanoumi on the coast of Hiroshima Prefecture. This is one day course from JR Hiroshima Station.

Many visitors now come here though because of its nickname, usagishima which means Rabbit Island as the island is home to more than 700 wild rabbits descended from a small group of domesticated rabbits left here about 40 years ago.
There is no difficulty finding the bunnies, from the moment you step off the ferry they come bounding up to visitors hoping to get fed.
Rabbit food is available from the visitor center, but many people bring their own. Fluffy little bunnies are certainly cute and as cute continues to be a major component of contemporary Japanese culture the island is seeing an increase of visitors who come solely for the rabbits.
In order to keep the population from declining all other kinds of pets, like dogs or cats, are banned from the island.


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