Huis Ten Bosch (Hausu Ten Bosu)

This is 2 day course. The fee is 300 USD from Tokyo.
In the early morning guests take flight to Fukuoka, then to Nagasaki by train. Huis Ten Bosch is connected with JR Nagasaki Station.

Huis Ten Bosch ( Hausu Ten Bosu) is a theme park in Nagasaki Prefecture which recreates a Dutch town. The resort is divided into two areas: the Theme Park Zone which requires paid admission and the Free Zone which can be entered for free.
Both zones feature multiple free and paid attractions, although the majority of them are located in the Theme Park Zone.
An all-you-can-ride passport is available for most of the attractions in the Theme Park Zone, but it does not cover the paid attractions of the Free Zone.
Guests have pleasant time during the day. The next day they go to Nagasaki city to walk along the street. Then they take flight to Tokyo.


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