Shinjuku (day time)

Shinjuku, on the western edge, at roughly '9 o'clock', of the Yamanote Line, is truly a city unto itself. First and foremost, Shinjuku means shopping, eating, and partying. Shinjuku has several huge department stores, music stores, electronics stores, and hundreds and hundreds of bars and restaurants catering to every taste imaginable.
Shinjuku is divided into Higashi (east) and Nishi (west) Shinjuku by the train lines that run through Shinjuku Station. Nishi Shinjuku in particular exudes wealth and power with its towering skyscrapers.
One of the most eyecatching is Kenzo Tange's inspired citadel, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Buildings, or 'Tocho', daily home to 13,000 Tokyo bureaucrats. Shinjuku is the city of modernism and congestion.
The Asakusa district has many business hotels and budget hostels popular with foreign backpackers.


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