Onsen in Kofu


Yamanashi Prefecture, the capital of which is Kofu, is located in the inland part, and the main industry is fruit growing, and the grape and the thigh are popularly cultivated. Since Kofu is a grape-producing area, the production of wine is also popular. From Kofu city the World Heritage, Mt. Fuji is seen, in the vicinity of which there are Fuji Five Lakes which are scenic spots and summer resorts.
Therefore many tourists visit for summering and in the surrounding area accommodations such as hotels and Japanese style Ryokan are well prepared.
Also besides Mt. Fuji as sightseeing spots are well known Shosenkyo Valley and Oshino Hakkai, which is one of selected one hundred exquisite waters of Japan. Hoto which is the local dish is well known nationwide and visitors can eat in the restaurant and accommodations.

Dormy-inn@Kofu Large bathroom. :There is a large natural hot water bathroom (gender-segregated) on the 10th floor. 5,500 yen ~
Tsue Onsen Koboyu Heartful handmade dishes along with water flowing directly from the hot spring source.

5,555 yen ~ (per person)

Meiji Guests enjoy creative cuisine using tohu which chief cook especially thought up as dinner 5,500 yen `
Kaminoyu Onsen The clients can occupy the wonderful scene of Mt. Fuji, beautiful night view, and the superb natural view. 4,500 yen`
Sekisuiji Onsen Yogai   6,130 yen ~