Onsen in Atami


The hot-spring resort area where the fireworks rallies in the summer and winter are famous and also the prominent amount of the hot water spout out in the whole country. The hot-spring resort opened 1200 years ago and there is a report that in the Edo Ages Ieyasu Tokugawa visited to stay at this place with his vassal. The main element of hot-spring is chloride. There are some sightseeing places, that is Atami Plum Orchard where plum flowers bloom earliest in Japan, Nishikigaura where the steep cliff rises above the sea surface, MOA museum, Omiya-no-matsu (pine tree), Hatsushima Island, etc.

Atami sekitei The stones and lanterns are placed in the traditional Japanese garden, and watering invites coolness 28500〜(per person)
RISONARE Atami All rooms bring ocean view. Night view cures the mental of the client. 12,000 yen 〜
Tukino-akari Tukino-akari Inn is located at the hill site overlooking the ocean. 18,800 yen ~
Shin kadoya The source of private onsen" Hirado no yu" is abundant of hot water. Long-established ryokan with 120 year history. 8,700 yen ~
Atami Hoetsu Quiet ryokan hotel with only ten rooms which is located in the residential area in Atami 11,025 yen ~