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Welcome to Japan ! Japan is exotic, wonderful and beautiful country. Our company, JustView Co., Ltd. provide you with kind and heartful guide during your stay in Japan.
creates your own Japanese tour. You choose where you would like to go, and we organize your travel and accommodation. Any level of accommodation is available from simple staying to deluxe hotel. Consultancy fee varies according to package requirements.
First when you arrive in Japan, we welcome you at the airport (Narita, Kansai Air Port, others), so that you might get relieved in a foreign country. There are many exotic, beautiful and historical places in Japan such as Kyoto, Nara, Nikko, etc.

General information

We offer our expertise knowledge on how you spend the relaxed and enjoyable days in Japan.

Personal itinerary planning needs a consulting fee, which includes accommodation listings, maps, pictures, directions etc. Quotation will be sent to you within a week, then if you should accept the quote, the consulting fee will be deducted from the total package fee quoted.
For any reasons the itinerary consulting fee will not be refunded, as it is part of the services fee.

If you have agreed and understood with the conditions above, please provide us with your planned destinations, dates, hotel range etc. We hope that you have fantastic experience staying in Japan.

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